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Rika Mansingh is passionate about nutrition and has shared her knowledge and valuable information by contributing to different media.

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"We are all special and unique with different health goals and needs. There is no one-size fits all approach. It is ‘fruitful’ to consult with a registered dietitian to help you to ‘unlock the potential of food’ and work out a plan that's best suited to meet your individualized nutritional requirements, taking into account your patterns of eating, lifestyle, activity levels, health condition and medication. We need to give our bodies the right ingredients to equip us with energy, zest and vitality, enabling us to push forward, grow our potential and follow our dreams." - Rika Mansingh, dietitian and author from British Columbia.

Rika Mansingh's Dietitians of Canada, Nutrition Month Episode on EMDEQ Power Podcast:
"Unlock The Potential Of Food" - Ingredients For A Healthier Tomorrow


Rika Mansingh's EMDEQ Power on The Mind Guy Podcast
[💫]with Thomas Suski (Mind Engineer, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist)

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Rika Mansingh
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The Empowered Mind Diet Equation Series


Author of the Month BY MONICA MARTINEZ

Author Rika Mansingh on how to rewire your brain to become the best version of yourself in 2019

January 30th, 2019, by Monica Martinez

With each New Year, many people set intentions to change their diet and exercise habits, resolving to head back to the gym or eat healthier to look and feel better. But dietician, Rika Mansingh's new book, The Empowered Mind Diet Equation, is a different take on nutrition focusing on foods, which feed the brain and in turn, lead to increased energy and vitality.


She says to achieve any goal, first, we need to conquer our minds, and one way to do this is by altering our diet.


“See food as information for the brain. Before eating, really take a step back to be mindful and ask, “What will this food do for my brain, and how will it affect the way I feel afterward,” she said.


In The Empowered Mind Diet Equation, Mansingh goes into detail on which foods nourish the brain - healthy omegas, complex carbohydrates, powerful proteins, energizing vitamins, magnificent minerals, and water.


Mansingh has focused on the link between nutrition and the mind in her 17 years working as a registered dietician, most recently in Abbotsford, B.C., and now wants to bring her knowledge to readers outside of her private practice.


“We should be mindful of what we eat and how it affects the way we feel,” she said. “This book is an uplifting and empowering read meant to change thoughts, feelings, and behavior to rewire the brain and create new habits.”


Her book discusses how the brain is capable of not only repairing itself but also producing new neurons, regardless of age, through a process called neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.


“Many clients have seen life-changing results such as losing weight, controlling blood sugars, changing disordered eating patterns and, especially, a reduction or discontinuation of medication. Many medical conditions are preventable and with healthy dietary practices complications of lifestyle diseases can be avoided or eliminated completely,” said Mansingh.


Her number one advice to anyone reading this who instantly wants to feel better is to be mindful of what they eat.


Mansingh says the biggest challenge her clients face when changing their diet, is their mindset and the belief they can't do it.


“Healthy eating for the mind is not difficult. It is actually very easy if we change the way we think. Always believe in yourself. You are the handler of your own health. Believe that you can do it and you will achieve not only your dietary goals but overcome any obstacles along the way,” she said.


She also discusses the culprits to avoid - sugar, gluten, alcohol, caffeine and simple carbohydrates and their impact on the brain.


Her takeaway message is “to be mindful of not only what you eat, but what you don't eat.”


The advice falls in line with Canada's recently revised food guide. Doing away with food groups and servings, the guide now recommends filling half your plate with vegetables and fruits, a quarter with whole grains, and a quarter with a form of protein.


Mansingh has had a busy start to 2019. Her book launch event took place in Abbotsford last weekend, she spoke at the Gluten Free Expo in Vancouver earlier this month and has several book signings lined up for February.


She is also a media columnist appearing regularly in the Abbotsford News. Most recently, she wrote about the impacts of gluten on the brain for Gluten Free Magazine and is scheduled to appear on television and radio shows this month.


lndieReader gave the book a 4/5 star rating calling it “an informative guide perfect for anyone wishing to improve his or her lifestyle. Those who are struggling will find Mansingh's tips clear and easy to follow, while those who have already adopted a healthy lifestyle will benefit from advanced topics involving mindfulness, the gut-brain, and nootropics.”


The South African native is having the largest bookstore in South Africa, Exclusive Books, distributing the book.


“I have this intense feeling of gratitude. Holding a copy of the book is proof The Empowered Mind Diet Equation works. I did everything I speak about in the book as I was writing it.”


Mansingh's goal for 2019 is focusing on marketing her book and empowering as many people as she can to rewire how they think about food.


Buy The Empowered Mind Diet Equation book.


Learn more about Rika.

The Empowered Mind Diet Equation

The Gluten Free Expo

Rika has been invited to be a speaker at the Gluten Free Expo, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada’s largest gluten free event. Click here for event details.

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