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We need to give our bodies the right sustenance that delivers the right nutrients, to equip us with revitalizing energy, enabling us to push forward, to grow our potential and follow our dreams.

Rika Mansingh has worked with a variety of clients and provides dietary intervention for the following but not limited to:

  • Diabetes – type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes
  • Weight management – overweight/underweight
  • Cardiovascular diseases – high blood pressure/high cholesterol
  • Women’s wellness – pregnancy, osteoporosis, anemia
  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • GI disorders
  • General health & wellness (boost mood, energy and improve sleep) 
  • Mental health


Let’s get your journey to wellness started.


Initial Consultation 

60 Minutes

There is no better time than right now to focus on you! Let’s get mindful about you. During this session a full nutrition assessment will be completed. Information will be gathered regarding your health goals, medical history, medication, activity levels, lifestyle, food preferences and any nutrition concerns you may have. A full dietary history, including eating patterns, will be obtained and analyzed. Nutrition recommendations best suited to your needs and written information will be provided.

Follow-Up Consultation

35 Minutes

Let’s get empowered to push forward and leap into action. During this session you will receive your individualized nutritional requirements and meal plan, formulated from information derived in the first session. It is not a diet or short-term quick fix but more a long term healthy eating plan, tailored to meet your needs and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Quick Boost Follow-Up Consultation

30 Minutes

Need a boost? Want to pick things up a notch? Let’s zoom in and tune in to strategies to uplift and encourage you to keep going. You’re welcome to schedule as many quick follow ups as you require to fine tune, develop further strategies or stay motivated.

All-in-One Empowered Mind Diet Package

  • Initial Consultation (60 minutes) 
  • Follow-Up (35 minutes)
  • 2 Quick Boost Follow-Ups (2 X 30 minutes)

Group Counselling Sessions, Presentations, Workshops on Different Topics

60 to 90 Minutes

Prices vary depending of group size

  • General Healthy Eating 
  • Healthy Eating for Diabetes
  • Healthy Eating for the Mind: Increase Energy, Boost Mood, Improve Sleep 
  • Heart Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Eating to Manage Weight

Nutrition Store Tours

45 Minutes


We accept the following payment options: cash, check, Visa or Master Card. Fees must be paid per session. A receipt will be issued for you to submit to your extended medical company to get reimbursed. Be sure to check with your extended medical company for coverage.


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